QWhat is the difference between Zero Data and VDI ?

VDI runs the OS and applications on the server, and only sends the screen to the terminal (PC or thin client).
On the other hand, Zero Data PC only redirects data (automatic transfer) to the server (network drive). As a result, expensive resources such as server CPU or memory are unnecessary.

QIs all data not saved on the PC ?

The Data that the user saves in the user area by user operation is not stored on the PC. However, OS and application settings etc. are saved on the PC.

QWhat type of license do you have ?

We have two types of license, base license and user license. Maintenance costs will be incurred on each. A base license must be purchased per a company. A user license must be purchased per a user to use.

QDo you have free trial license ?

Yes. In principle, free evaluation license is available for a month. For more than a month, especially when you want to check the confort of operation in the actual working environment, we recommend you to use a subscription license (rental license).
You can use subscription license from 1 user / 1 month and can receive official support.

QWhat is different from Windows folder redirection ?

In folder redirection, data is left locally because the cache is left on the local HDD. And if you turn off caching, there is a serious problem with offline operation. Since Zero Data can use both online and offline , such problems do not occur.

QIs there a server program ?

No. Just by installing Zero Data on the PC, you can use it if there is only a file server. It is not necessary to install a special program on the file server.

QAre there any points to be aware of when using various applications and files ?

When accessing large files at random, all accesses flow through the network, which leads to a large delay. As a result, there is a possibility that performance may be significantly impaired.

QIs there any bad effects to Windows Update or antivirus pattern file update ?

No. Control of Zero Data PC is done only for the user logon process. It does not affect OS or service process (System process).

QIs VPN necessary when using from outside the company ?

Yes. Common Internet File Service (CIFS) is used for Zero Data redirection. Communication is not encrypted.

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